My passion for photography was born before I was born, or so I believe. My pregnant mother would spend hours developing photos in the dark room. Later on, my father taught me how to use my grandfather’s old camera. Although everyone in the family expected me to be a conductor, I took quite a different path. At the age of 18, I spent three summer months working 16 hour shifts in a factory so I could buy my first non-professional camera and get a driver’s license. I succeeded at both. My dream was to study photography abroad but I ended up studying the subject in Vilnius. While it was a huge disappointment back then, it brought me to where I am now and I could not wish for more.


I would hate to define myself as a wedding or any particular kind of photographer and put myself into an entirely formal relationship with a client. I want my model to see a friend in me first, trust me, and open up for me. I want them to enjoy the ride with me and remember the laughs we shared during their photo shoot. I want to know their stories in their most minute details. Sometimes, they are what matters most.


Being on the other side of the lens is my comfort zone. It is what I love and am passionate about, which also happens to be what I do professionally and make a living from. What a lovely coincidence! On the other hand, being in front of the camera freaks me out. These are the moments when I realize how grateful I am to all the people who trust me as their photographer.


Photography is my life. It’s something that comes very naturally and effortlessly and has followed me through all the stages of my life. My inspirations change and I am constantly inspired by something different, be it an elderly priest in front of a happy couple offering his last Mass in a dark Parisian chapel or something as simple as the sun playing in my daughter’s hair lock. My passion never rests.


This is my story. Tell me yours and let me witness and capture a part of your journey.



Joana Burn

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